Walk Off Your Weight

Walking – a solution to weight loss

According to the ‘Pounds Lost’ study, checking your calories is more important than exercising as weight loss methods. Walking is one of the best possible means to lose weight. It sheds a lot more calories than you can ever imagine. If you go for a 30 minute walk per day and combine it with watching your diet, you can double the rate of weight loss. There is enough evidence to indicate that no diet is ‘full proof’ for weight loss. But walking is a natural and safe way to lose the extra flab. This procedure is much more effective as it targets the fat that is accumulated in your body and keeps the lean muscle intact. Fad diets can spoil your health as they might be quick but very harmful. There is a high possibility of losing the immunity in your body by experimenting with such weight loss methods.

Advantages of walking

It is important that you understand the power that walking has over other ‘popular’ weight loss methods. Following are some advantages of walking:

Improved heart condition – walking involves your cardiovascular muscles and therefore improves your heart condition. This increases your fitness level and makes you more active. Who does not want to stay active throughout the day?

Full body work out – walking is one of the few weight loss methods that targets your full body. It involves a lot of muscles, like your calf, hands, thigh etc. since there is so much involvement, it needs more calories to burn. Thus, walking results in a toning of all your body parts.

Bonding with your pet – ever imagined this? Walking makes you feel fresh and active. When you take your dog along with you for the walk, it helps you bond with your pet. It is also an amazing way to experience the energy flowing through your body and revitalizing you.

Know Your Supplements Before Taking Them!

Weight loss goals

Everyone wants to achieve a slimmer self! Hence, weight loss is a booming industry. There are many different ways to achieve permanent weight loss and using medication and supplements is one of them. You will find a lot of options of such supplements that are available in health stores. You could also purchase these online. However even if you are in a hurry to achieve your weight loss goals, picking up just any medication and supplements can prove harmful.  You need to understand the pros and cons of these supplements before you start consuming them.

Types of supplements

There are many medication and supplements that are available off the shelf. Below enlisted are few facts regarding two popular ones in the market:

Herbal supplement Hoodia – Hoodia is a popular herbal supplement. This works by suppressing the appetite in a natural manner. As a result, it claims to make you lose your desire to eat and thus aids in your weight loss process. Hoodia can be found in the form of liquid, capsule, tea or powder in stores and online. There are many companies that sell this supplement, but an estimated 50% out of these are fakes. Since its results on actual weight loss in humans are not proved, we suggest you be careful while choosing Hoodia.

Mineral supplement Chromium – Amongst many medication and supplements advocated for weight loss, chromium is one. It is actively promoted as a supplement aiding in building muscle and contributing towards weight loss. There are some studies that do relate the intake of chromium to weight loss, however certain recent studies, negate this. But, since chromium helps insulin to move the glucose particles into blood cells, it should not be taken by diabetics without professional consultation. It is also not advisable for people with anxiety, depression or other psychiatric conditions.

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