5 Dont’s for Fast Weight Loss

We’ve heard a lot about what we should do to combat weight gain and get a good figure.  But don’t you think that it will be a lot easier if you remember the habits that you shouldn’t do in order to lose weight?

Don’t deprive yourself of sleep and of food

Did you know that with inadequate sleep you are more vulnerable to become overweight? Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can alter the levels of leptin and ghrelin—hormones that are associated with appetite control and stimulation. Food, on the other hand, should not be deprived to a person. Just imagine yourself not being able to have breakfast. After a few hours, you might suffer from hypoglycemia and get dizzy. You won’t be able to focus on your activities. And what’s worse? You will end up devouring every food at your sight.

You don’t get fat because you eat a lot. You get fat because you are not eating the right diet at proper intervals in a day. Dieting may contribute to weight loss, but make sure it is a safe way that advocates your health rather than jeopardize it. Just don’t pig out.

Do not fall for fad diets and pills

…orr else you could end up hurting yourself. Some pills that promise fast weight loss only allows you to excrete fluids which is not healthy. Weight loss calls for careful planning that includes dieting and exercise. You must have proper nutrition to prevent adverse health effects. Whether you like it or not, successful weight loss will demand changes in your lifestyle. Choose a diet that is right for you, with the help of your doctor of course. He can help you select better alternatives to unhealthy foods.

Do not allow yourself to be dehydrated

If you think it’s better to lose water to drop your pounds, you’re wrong. Water, in fact, is the key to a good metabolism. Apart from that, water will cleanse your body, and makes you feel full. Start your meals with a glass of water and you’ll easily feel full without finishing a large meal.

Don’t be a couch potato

If you do not want to gain weight, don’t be a couch potato.  One of the predisposing factors of obesity and decreased life expectancy is a sedentary lifestyle. The lack of exercise allows fat to accumulate that in some point, it may cause adverse effects to your health resulting to a host of medical conditions.

To put simply, you should get up and move about. Keep yourself physically active as much as possible. Moderate exercise or even brisk walking for about 30 minutes to an hour each day could help burn more calories. You can create your own ways to keep your body in action such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking your car at a certain distance from your destination.

Don’t expect too much

In the first place, you should set an achievable goal that you think you may be able to achieve with utmost effort and discipline. If the goal is not realistic then you may get disheartened causing you to cease adhering to your diet program. You must establish a specific goal within a certain period of time. Furthermore, there are also devices that can help you monitor your progress objectively and not simply by your feelings. For exercisers, a heart rate monitor would be very useful especially units that counts the calories you’ve burned through working out. This will also keep you motivated and enthusiastic as you reach your destination.