Medifast: How Efficient Is It?

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The Medifast diet is a kind of rapid, but safe weight loss program that provides an individual a low-fat, low-carbohydrates, and calorie restricted diet plan developed by a physician from John Hopkins University. Unlike other diets, Medifast is a lot more convenient as the pre-calculated meal plans that you choose are delivered straight to your home.

Medifast promises that their diet plans makes it possible for the dieter to stay healthy while still shedding extra pounds. The principle behind is to induce a state of ketosis where fat is burned instead of muscle. A good example of a Medifast diet is the popular “5 and 1” meal plan.

5 and 1 Meat Plan = 5 lbs. in 1 week

In this plan, the dieter is required to consume a limited amount of calories of only 800 to 1000 calories per day in 6 divided meals–breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between meals. The principle behind such is that in order to lose weight, one should not resort to starving which can be unhealthy or may even become dangerous for the faint-hearted. Instead, for a long-term and effective weight loss, a person must bear in mind to eat nutritionally-balanced meals at the right intervals. The 5 meals comprise of various soft foods like soups, shakes, puddings, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, stew, and hot drinks of your choice. Another “lean and green” meal must be consumed consisting of lean meat such as beef, chicken, and turkey; and green vegetables. When you follow this dietary regime as instructed, the body will be tricked to burn its fat reserves. Within days, you will start to shed weight up to 5 pounds in a week.

Unlike fad diets that deprive a person of the essential nutrients, Medifast is a lot safer and a healthier alternative recommended by more than 15,000 doctors worldwide. The diet is very easy to follow, safe, and yields visible results. Many people also use Medifast coupons to help save money while losing weight.

Ideally, the diet plan must be followed for a duration of 4 weeks, or a minimum of 2 weeks. The diet plan is safe and can be followed for several weeks, however, when if you want to exceed 16 weeks, it is recommended that you consult your physician first. It is also highly suggested that exercise must be included in your attempt to lose weight. Not only that this speeds up weight loss, it is also healthy for the body. If you have been exercising prior to starting the diet, then the intensity and duration must be cut down because of the limited calorie-intake. Once you have achieved your weight goals, a transition meal plan must be followed before going back to normal meals.

Medifast – How Fast Is Fast?

Medifast came into being in 1980, developed by a physician as a way for overweight people to lose weight quickly and safely; over 20,000 have recommended the program since its beginning. One of the biggest questions that dieters ask concerning Medifast is “just how fast is fast”?

Like most people today, we want results, and we want them yesterday. What we need to remember, however, is that we didn’t gain weight overnight, and we’re not going to take it off overnight, either. All that being said, however, a dieter following the Medifast plan can expect to lose an average of two to eight pounds per week. That’s nothing to sneeze at; at that rate, a person can expect to be down 20 to 50 pounds in a ten week time span.

Medifast is safe weight loss, which, ultimately, is more important than quick weight loss. On the Medifast plan, you will eat five Medifast meals (choosing between shakes, bars, oatmeal, and soups), and one meal you prepare yourself, termed the “lean and green” meal. This meal consists of lean protein and vegetables.

Since you eat six times a day, you don’t have much of a chance to get hungry, which makes staying on the plan easier, and the plan gives you balanced nutrition while creating a caloric deficit (you take in fewer calories than you burn, resulting in weight loss). It’s also got a decent amount of fiber, which helps keep intestinal and digestive problems at bay. In addition, some of the products are enriched with Super Citrimax, which helps to suppress the appetite, or such items as glucosamine and and chondroitin, for joint health.

Medifast is just about the fastest weight loss possible, outside of gastric bypass, that still maintains health. Any faster loss is probably going to be shortchanging the body of vital nutrients, or putting the metabolism into “starvation mode”, so that it holds on to its fat stores with both hands. Being thin is absolutely no good if you’ve worsened, instead of improved, your health.

Medifast isn’t as expensive as you might think, either; the average adult in the United States spends $16 on food. In contrast, the $11 a day that the Medifast program costs is quite reasonable. There are no membership or enrollment charges, either, and you still get access to online and phone support networks. That’s a pretty good deal for less than $300 a month. And if you use a Medifast coupon, you can save money.

If you want the fastest weight loss possible without surgery, while still staying healthy, take a look at Medifast. 20,000 doctors have given it their seal of approval.