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Benefits of Training on an Elliptical

Are you considering buying an elliptical for yourself or wondering why they are just so popular at the gym? It is because these little wonder machines can not only help you to lose weight and exercise, they can also to help you feel better and regain some mobility. If you have been considering using an elliptical, then take a look below for reasons why you should fit this in to your work out.

Low impact
For being a low impact exercise, working out on an elliptical really packs a punch. You get all the movement and cardio that comes with using a treadmill along with upper body resistance training. Not only does elliptical training allow you to work all of your body at once, but it also helps you to do so with less stress on your joints like your knees and ankles.

Elliptical TrainingLess work for you

If you are considering buying an elliptical or treadmill for your home, there are many things to take into consideration like space management and maintenance. With the elliptical, there are less moving parts which in turn mean fewer parts that will wear out with time and need to be replaced.

Doing double duty
The best part about training on an elliptical is that you get twice the work out that you do on just a traditional treadmill. With the elliptical, you are working your upper body and chest as well as your glutes and legs. This means less time being spent working out since you are getting it all at once, and it also means more calories being burned during the work out.

Built in training
A great perk of using an elliptical for your exercise needs is that they come equipped with pre-programmed work outs. Some of these work outs might mimic travelling in a hilly area, or just working your way uphill. By using these different settings and work out plans, it helps to lessen the monotony of working out on the same piece of equipment every day. This means you are less likely to get bored, and more likely to stick with it.

Interesting Facts About Obesity in America

It is no secret that obesity is on the rise in America. Young and old alike are facing this crisis. Lifestyles have altered dramatically and people are not interested in cooking wholesome meals when they can hop right over to McDonalds and get a meal for under two dollars. Unfortunately, the unhealthy foods are the cheapest. Children are stuck in front of the television eating fat laden foods like chips and drinking sodas. In addition, today children are less likely to be outdoors exercising they become fat. Obesity traits can run in families as well. An obese child will, in many cases, have obese parents. Food has become a way in America for people to calm their fears about the future about the country and their personal lives.

Here are Interesting facts about obesity in America:

. Nearly 72.5 million US adults are obese. Obesity is one of the leading causes of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Obese people are accomplishing something the current administration cannot: creating jobs in the healthcare industry by eating themselves into oblivion.

. District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Colorado have the least amount of obesity rates. The lowest obesity rates are in the West and Northeast, the highest are in the South and Midwest.

. America has the most obese people in the world; in addition, the US is the largest Big Mac devourer in the world as well.

. The US government has decided that prior efforts and investment to nip obesity in the bud have not been satisfactory. They have instigated new initiatives such as the Let’s Move campaign. This could lead to forced photos on Big Mac wrappers of obese people; the same as cigarette companies must display shocking photos of the effects of cigarette smoking.

. Treatment for obesity is expensive. The yearly cost runs up to $147 Billion. Typically, obese people medical expenditures are $1429 higher than normal weight individuals.

. Most migrants that come to America endure elevated levels of obesity compared to relatives from their native countries. For example, fat Chinese are not common but in the United States you can certainly spot quite a few.

. People without a high school diploma have higher obesity levels than high school graduates and College graduates have a lower obesity rates than both.

. Obesity estimates of the official CDC report are less than the factual rates due to the fact that the BMI, body mass index, is measured by height and weight. Most people, men and women, are not truthful about their height and therefore official obesity figures are not accurate.

. The general obesity rate multiplies for older adults up to 60 years of age. The obesity numbers of 18-29 years is 20.3%, and 50-59 years is 31.1%. Between 60-69 years of age the obesity rate decreases to 30.9%. Those who live past 69 years sustain obesity rates at 20.5%.

. Dissimilar to popular belief, the obesity rates has decreased in a few states. Obesity rates in Oregon and Alaska declined over three-percent. Georgia, DC, New York, Minnesota, Connecticut, Delaware, Colorado, and New Jersey were able to lessen their obesity-rates as well.

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