How To Beat Belly Flab

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Belly flab sure is nasty. Aside from being uncomfortable to have it with you, it is also unsightly. So, if you are tired of your love handles, then pay close attention to these tips and exercises on how to beat your belly flab.

Generally, selective reduction of fat especially those found in the abdomen is quite difficult to achieve. This is because genetics play a major role in the burning of fat in certain body parts. However, there are still some ways in which you can minimize fat around your midsection. Beer belly or abdominal obesity is commonly associated with overeating and heavy alcohol drinking as calories become stored in the abdomen. This belly fat, if not managed, could lead to a protrusion of the abdomen giving the person an “apple shaped” appearance which is strongly linked with several cardiovascular diseases.

One step you can begin with is to quit drinking alcohol and plan your diet well, particularly your fat intake. For many people, this sounds torture, as saturated fat may come along with a number of our favorite food products. Moreover, high carbohydrate foods must be avoided or at least, restricted, so that your calorie intake will be limited which makes it easier to burn fat, and switch to a high protein diet.

Just because we mentioned that genetics determines the pattern of fat burning, it doesn’t mean that exercise can’t do anything regarding the matter on belly flab. As dieting will take care of the fat, exercise will firm the muscle and tone the skin to prevent it from hanging loosely and sagging. Typically, at least thirty minutes of exercise is recommended for the general population. However, for those whose goal is fat loss, at least sixty minutes daily should be observed.

This can be anything from brisk walking, gym workouts, or even cleaning the house. A combined cardio and resistance training would be the better option. Crunches are a popular means of firming the muscles beneath the abdominal fat pads. Leg raises are also great for strengthening the lower abdominal muscles.

There are several variations of this exercise. One of this is the lying leg raise that will only require a mat for you to lie down. Simply put your hands underneath the butt, and slightly raise your legs off the floor to approximately 30 degrees. Then lower down the legs back, but do not let them touch the floor. This exercise might be uncomfortable for many, but it is really effective for toning the muscles which should be a central part of your fat burning program.