Weight Loss Exercise To Drive Obesity Away

With the advent of technology the human labour has reduced beyond imagination and is fast becoming the definition for luxurious life styles. There is a vehicle in every home fuelled by petrol reducing our physical efforts to visit offices or markets. Packaged food products are readily available to save time and energy while cooking. The agony of washing clothes has been reduced by machines and handy detergents.

As the daily chores which required human involvement have been taken over by the machines the energy within us finds no outlet and gets stacked and stuffed around our waist creating difficulties through various health problems and we are termed as fat in our social circles. Weight loss exercise has become a need for the urban population as it not only saves them from deadly health problems but also from the humiliation of having a disproportionate body.

The English writer and journalist Cyril Connolly once said that obesity is a mental state and disease brought on by boredom and disappointment. Thus the yoga and pranayams have become an integral part of every weight loss exercise as they relax the mind and help to cope with failures in life. These habits once imbibed are useful to regulate the food and sleeping habits of an individual and reduce obesity.

Walking and jogging are the most common weight loss exercise among the urban crowd. It not only burns out the fats in the body but also drives away lethargy from our system thereby increasing our efficiency in the work field. Studies have shown that running as a form of weight reducing exercise can be more effective than walking and jogging as it opens the unused chambers of our lungs. Thus the aerobic metabolism in our body gets a boost and burns out the excess fat in us.

Skipping is a very effective exercise to tone up the body and come into shape. Cycling has proved to be effective in endeavours to fight obesity. Many movie stars cycle 20 -30 kilometres in a day to come in shape and remain healthy even when their work pressure is more. Playing various sports with audacity can help reduce weight and also add fun to our lack lustre lives. Tennis or squash are the favourite sports which helps us to sweat it out and remain healthy. Swimming is also effective to in reducing weights.

The best form of weight loss exercise is to establish a goal in life which constantly challenges us and gives us the urge to break the shackles of lethargy and realise our true potential.