Top 3 Weight Loss Tips To Lose The Extra Pounds

Our ancestors had never heard of ‘lifestyle diseases’. Along with the years the food we eat has also started becoming more and more complex. Earlier people used to have their farms and grew the vegetables and fruits themselves. These days, we hear of bizarre incidents of adding colour and chemicals into fruits and veggies to make them look more attractive to the consumers. This is one of the major causes for obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and heart ailments. In order to avoid these problems and lead a healthy life read the top 3 weight loss tips to shed extra fat!

Tip1 – Always prefer home cooked meals

Steer clear of junk food if you are interested in losing weight. Many restaurants and road-side eateries re-use the leftover oil. It is very harmful for your health. It thickens with toxins after being heated and reheated so many times. Therefore, you will be assured that you are eating healthy when you cook a meal from scratch at home. To make the activity easier and fun, involve your family or house mates. Assign specific jobs of chopping veggies or setting the table etc. Note easy to make one-pot or one-pan recipes from the internet to reduce the time it takes to cook a meal.

This weight loss tips is very effective and you get to see results in less than 15 days!

Tip2 – Read the ingredient section before buying anything

This is one very important weight loss tips. Before you buy a product read its ingredients list. You cannot eat healthy if the content of the product is not healthy. Natural foods are being highlighted as weight loss foods as these are simple to eat, yet contain nutrients. For example if you eat a lettuce salad, you are eating natural food. But if you eat a packet of potato wafers, then you are eating all that is mentioned at the back of the pack in the list of ingredients. Avoid anything that has excessive amount of fat, sodium and added sugar. You should also steer clear of products that contain stabilisers, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and artificial flavours and colors.

Tip3 – Stock your pantry with healthy food

Replace your regular tea with herbal tea. Herbal tea aids weight loss. Stock your pantry with wheat bread and brown rice instead of yeast bread and white rice. Make these subtle changes to slowly and steadily changing the way you eat. Have a lot of vegetables and fruits as these are fibre rich foods.

These weight loss tips will help you in losing weight fast. If you make these tips a part of your life style, rather than a thing of a few weeks, you will be able to stay fit and healthy.