Weight Loss Tips For A Fit Body And Mind

Gaining weight above an optimal value has been a global issue for some time now. Body Mass Index (BMI), introduced by WHO is an indicator for weight related problems such as underweight, overweight or obesity. Generally, individuals having BMI above 25-29 kg/sq.m are considered to be overweight while those with a reading of 30 kg/ sq.m are termed obese. Many organizations around the world provide weight loss tips to overweight people so that they can fight this menace.

There are various causes for obesity. Some of them might be hereditary, while others could be due to low physical work outs etc. However, lack of activity and improper dietary standards have given rise to many a beer bellies and flabby bodies. In this hectic day and age, a portable fitness equipment is a must tool that everyone should seek.  For people who cannot afford the time and money for weight loss programs, they can follow home remedies such as morning walks, yoga and other alternate routines. Whether on the road or at home, remember to apply these weight loss tips regularly, or else the body will affix itself to a certain weight index.

Obesity increases the tendency to various diseases like arthritis, diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. Consumption of non saturated fats and calories up to 25% on daily basis help reducing weight. Intake of dietary fiber helps curb hunger for longer periods while providing the requisite nutrients. Most diet pills, available in the market for the purpose of shedding weight exhibit side effects of one kind or the other. Therefore, it is highly advised that you stay away from them. One of the elemental weight loss tips would be the addition of raw vegetables and fruits into your diet.

Putting on weight is as much a mental issue as it is physical. This is because when under stress, the body releases chemicals that not just fight stress but also increase the urge for food. The result – overeating, stress eating and emotional eating which, is mainly due to stress, lack of self esteem and other diminutive byproducts of negative thinking. Hence, take a lot of water as it is the single biggest stress buster. In fact, for proper digestion of food and burning of excessive fats, lukewarm water after lunch and dinner can be considered to be one of the most effective weight loss tips.