17 Day Diet

Developed by Dr. Mike Moreno, who is a physician from California, the 17 Day Diet has been featured on ‘The Doctors’ and ‘Dr. Phil’. This has to be one of the more innovative diet plans that have hit the market, and Dr. Moreno is convinced that it is possible for a person to lose 10-12 pounds within the first 17 days.

Originally conceived of as a method to get rid of holiday weight quickly and efficiently, the diet plan can be followed any time to facilitate rapid, effective weight loss.

The Diet Phases

One of the unique aspects of this plan is the way that the routine has been broken down into 4 17-day phases that are designed to provide long term benefits to the dieter. ‘Body confusing’ is a concept that Dr. Moreno believes in, and the 17 day phases ensure that the body does not settle down into a fixed diet routine. Confusing the body is the best way to ensure that your body metabolism performs at its peak potential, and burns calories quicker.

Phase 1
Accelerate (Days 1 – 17) – The first cycle is to ‘Accelerate’ your weight loss through a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet that provides about 1200 calories per day. You are allowed to consume lean meats, sugar-free yoghurts, non-starchy vegetables, low-sugar fruits, green tea, and water (64 ounces per day). This can be the most difficult phase of the diet due to the reduced carbohydrate consumption. During this phase, fat burning is at its maximum.

Phase 2
Activate (Days 18 – 34) – The second phase uses calorie cycling, where your daily calorie intake is cycled from low to high. Calorie cycling is used to prevent your metabolism from reaching a plateau. This keeps your metabolism constantly activated and ensures that your weight loss remains high. Your calorie intake is increased to 1500 calories per day, which includes 2 servings of whole grain.

Phase 3
Achieve (Days 35 – 51) – The ‘Achieve’ phase is aimed at inculcating healthy eating habits. Your low-carb diet makes way for a balanced low calorie meal plan. You are allowed to consume foods that were previously off-limits. During this phase, your consumption of lean meats is reduced, and more fruits and grains are introduced to your diet. Small amounts of alcohol may be consumed, and a 100 calorie snack may be added to your diet.

Phase 4
Arrive (Day 52 onwards) – The final phase requires a dieter to ‘Arrive’ at a permanent, healthy eating plan that can ensure a lifetime of good health. You are still required to keep cycling between the first 3 phases. However, you are allowed to consume foods of your choice on weekends. If you do happen to gain more than 5 pounds at this time, it is recommended that you return to Phase 2.

Advantages of the 17 Day Diet

• Research has shown the great promise of Calorie Cycling for quicker weight loss.
• Promotes the consumption of natural, unprocessed food.
• Diet phases introduce variety to your routine, keeping it interesting.
• There are recipes and meal plans included, which makes the diet easier to follow.
• Vegan friendly options are available
• Short 17 minute exercise routine is enjoyable and effective.
• You can order pre-cooked, healthy meals at an affordable rate.


• Cycling has the potential to create irregular eating habits if you are not careful.
• Weight loss may be for the short term only, if you are not dedicated.
• This diet plan may not be suitable for diabetics (Type 1),

Home Delivered Meals

The Bistro MD service delivers the 17 Day Diet straight to your dining table. This service provides you with 7 days of delicious chef-prepared meals at less than $185. All meals are designed by physicians to ensure healthy, nutritionally balanced meals. You do not have to worry about cooking or calculating the calories that go into your meal.


The 17 Day Diet book is available for $25. A DVD of the 17 minute exercise routine costs $15.


The 17 Day Diet is an effective way to get rid off those extra holiday pounds. It promises quick, visible results and will help you change your long term eating habits, as long as you stay committed to the program.

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