Nutrisystem Discount Code for January 2015

The stated aim of Nutrisystem is to provide consumers with easy access to a nutritionally optimized diet plan that can aid any weight loss program. The basic service provided is the home delivery of portion-restricted meals and snacks that are designed to meet the daily nutritional requirements of most people.

No calorie counting, no boring and tasteless diet food, Nutrisystem offers you a delicious, convenient way to get fit.

How Nutrisystem Works

The Nutrisystem plan is built around simplicity. All you need to do is log on to their website and order a 28 day meal plan that best suits your requirements. You have the option to select your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. There is a wide range of delicious, balanced meal options, as well as snacks and desserts that you can choose from.

Subscribers can also gain access to various online tools that can help you plan your meals, and keep track of your weight loss program. Expert counselors can provide you with the right guidance and advice that can help you deal with weight loss issues. This strong online community can offer you comfort and motivation to help you achieve your diet objectives.

Meal Plans for the Nutrisystem Diet Program

Currently, there are separate meal plans offered for men and women. There are also 4 different categories of plans available, namely the basic, silver, diabetic, and the vegetarian plan. Typically, the men’s diet plan contains 1500 calories per day and the women’s diet has 1200 calories. All the diet plans provide 30g of fiber each day, and they have a maximum amount of 85g of sugar, 2300mg of sodium, and 170mg of cholesterol per day. The Basic package is designed to meet the daily nutritional requirements of the general population, while the Silver package has been designed for men and women above the age of 65. The Diabetic package is provided specifically for people with diabetes, and provides a nutrition level that is in keeping with the standards set by the American Diabetes Association.

Highlights and Food Options

Variety – Nutrisystem offers dieters an amazing array of menu options. In fact, it hardly seems like you are making a sacrifice. Your diet can include sweet cinnamon buns, cheesy chicken quesadillas, and self-indulgent ice cream sundaes.

Nutrition – This is a proven, nutritionally balanced diet plan. Even the most exotic deserts and entrees meet a certain standard. They do not contain trans fats and have a low sodium and fat content. In addition, they are high in protein and fiber, and conform to a diet that has a low glycemic index.

Hunger Control – The belief at Nutrisystem is that you cannot lose weight by staying hungry. All the food available on the menu is filled with ‘good carbs’ and fiber, which ensures that you are fully satisfied by your meals. You are not prone to food cravings, and are more motivated to stick to your weight loss program.

Convenience – Nutrisystem makes it easier for you to succeed in your diet plans by offering options that are convenient and easy to follow. There are no complications, no points to count, no calories to be calculated. All it takes is a few minutes to heat up your home delivered meal, and you are done.

Value and Nutrisystem Discount Codes – This system offers you unmatched value for money. With plans starting at $3 per meal, ordering a healthy, balanced meal from Nutrisystem can be cheaper than dining out, or even shopping for groceries.

Low Points

No fresh fruits or vegetables are included in these meals. Grocery shopping is required to add these ingredients to your meal.

Not all dieters can adapt to the food portions on offer, or to the taste of pre-packaged food.

If you wish to cancel your order, you need to make sure you do so before the date mentioned.

Pricing and Coupons for Nutrisytem

The Basic 4 Week Package Costs $385.56. If you choose the Auto Delivery option the cost of the same package is $263.28. The Nutrisystem Select Package for 4 Weeks will cost you $463.38 (with Auto Delivery – $ 289.95). However, you can save money by using a Nutrisystem discount code from


Nutrisystem offers the consumer incredible variety and flexibility when it comes to choosing diet plans. An exciting menu takes away the monotony associated with traditional diet plans, and there is a greater chance of a dieter staying the course with this diet. Plus, if you use a Nutrisystem coupon, promo code or discount code, you can realize substantial savings in January, 2015.

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