Total Gym Diet

The Total Gym Diet focuses on helping people lose weight by changing their lifestyles and habits. This involves setting up a solid work-out routine and making intelligent choices when it comes to things like snacking and portion control. The Total Gym diet also pushes to prove that you can not only lose weight but gain definition without having to have any sort of gym membership.

The Total Gym diet focuses heavily on making exercise a part of your day to day life. By causing a calorie deficit with healthy eating and work outs, you are able to lose weight consistently and keep it off. The diet is a low fat, low carb diet that still allows you to have things like cheat days. These are to help you stay motivated and rewarded as you work towards a healthier, happier you.

How it works
The lynch pin of the Total Gym Diet is exercise. By working out with Total Gym exercise equipment on a daily basis, you can help the further the weight loss caused by making intelligent choices when it comes to eating. The combination of eating right and working out causes gradual, safe weight loss. The program also advocates against things like liquid calories that come from sources like soft drinks and diet sodas that have no nutritional value.

Program costs
The Total Gym Diet is offered free of charge with the purchase of the Total Gym XLS home work out system. The Total Gym XLS retails for $1,999 though it is offered on the website on occasion for a decreased price. While it is possible to pay for the system in full, the Total Gym Diet also offers a monthly payment service that involves making payments of $99.98 each month for ten or twenty months, depending on the price of the package at the time of purchase.

If you are looking for a diet and weight loss plan that focuses more heavily on sculpting a better body, then the Total Gym diet may be a good fit for you. With the use of their home work out system, the Total Gym diet promises to have you feeling thinner, healthier and happier. The diet may also be a good fit for those who do not feel that they can afford a gym membership, or who just do not enjoy working out in front of others.

While the majority of the program relies heavily on exercise, there is not much nutritional information available. Aside from some brief guidelines for food choices the majority of the work is left up to you. The site also doesn’t offer any sort of nutrition or work out tracker. If you feel like these things are necessary to your diet and exercise plan, the Total Gym diet may not be a good fit for you.

The Total Gym Diet is one that wants to lead you past weight loss and to a more sculpted and healthy you. If you are the type who doesn’t enjoy the gym but wants the benefits, this may be the diet for you. Sign-ups take place at the Total Gym website ( to purchase the Total Gym work out equipment of your choice. The corresponding nutritional information and exercise guides are sent upon verification of payment.

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