Weight Watchers

For over 45 years Weight Watchers has been the definitive answer to losing weight safely and naturally. At the heart of the Weight Watchers program are the ‘four pillars of healthy weight loss.’ The core concepts behind this program are Developing Helpful Habits, Eating Smarter, Moving More, and Getting Support. There are no gimmicks, no diet pills, and no false promises here – just the promise that a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

The Weight Watchers Philosophy

The Weight Watchers philosophy has always been one of holistic healing and has considered dieting to be just a part of a comprehensive weight management program. The belief here is that a health body is the outcome of a healthy lifestyle. The role of Weight Watchers is to empower you by offering the best information, motivation, guidance, and tools, which allow you to make the best choices in life. Weight Watchers meetings provide you with the necessary support, guidance, and knowledge, to make your weight loss program a success. Inspiration, motivation, and a healthy, active lifestyle are the cornerstones of the Weight Watchers philosophy.

The Points Plus program

Points Plus is the signature Weight Watchers program, and is the outcome of years of nutritional research and expertise. There are no strict calorie-based guidelines for you to follow instead points are assigned to different foods. The only requirement here is that you have to stay within your daily points allowance, which is calculated with respect to your height, weight, gender, age, and activity level. There are no forbidden foods, nor are there any foods that you are forced to consume.

Moderation is a key concept here, and you are taught the benefits of controlling the size of the food servings that you consume. You are allowed to consume your favorite foods, but you must do so within limits.

The Core Foods Plan

Weight Watchers also provides a plan for dieters who are not comfortable following the Points program. You are provided with a list of core foods which may be eaten without restriction. There is no need to keep track of points or portion sizes if you stick to these essential foods.

Weight Watchers Meetings

One of the pillars of the Weight Watchers program is its strong Support Network. Weekly meetings can help you stay motivated and keep track of your progress. Group Leaders can assist you with any health/nutrition/fitness advice that you may need. Life time memberships are offered to members who achieve their ideal body weight and complete a six-week maintenance plan. There is also a strong support network on the internet.


You are allowed to consume the food of your choice as long as you stay within your recommended daily points total. You are not deprived of your favorite foods, and this lowers the possibility of binge eating.

The weight management program teaches you the benefits of portion control, which is important if you wish to experience long term benefits.

The Weight Watchers program strongly advocates an active lifestyle, and exercising regularly is a key part of the program. There are many fitness and exercise tips provided within the program.

There are tasty, healthy recipes available at the Weight Watchers website which can help add some variety to your diet.

Weight Watchers branded food products are readily available at many convenient locations across the country. These products have their individual ‘points value’ printed on them so you do not have to calculate portions.

The strong support network can provide you with emotional support as well as expert guidance on your weight loss journey.


The Points based system is by no means a comprehensive solution for most dieters, and it is possible to lose track of the points value of your daily intake.

Weekly meetings may be inconvenient for people with busy schedules to attend.


Weight Watchers weekly fees for meetings may vary depending on your location. In most corporate locations, membership costs $39.95 for a Monthly Pass that allows you to attend all meetings and gives you access to eTools. The Cost for online membership is $17.95 per month.


The Weight Watchers program is ideal for the dieter who is looking for a safe, long term weight management solution.

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