Fat Loss Diets and Fat Burning Foods

Since time immemorial, dieting has been a popular method for people who wanted to lose weight. Once you are on a diet, one thing that you shouldn’t forget to include are foods that can help you burn calories and fat.

Fat-burning Foods

A thermogenic diet promotes weight loss by the ingestion of fat-burning foods in adjunct to a low-carbohydrate diet. The theory behind this is that by eating certain foods that burns more calories than you consume, the body can burn the excess fat. Some foods can also help increase the body’s core temperature thus increasing the metabolic rate and fat-burning capacity. However, not all foods have the same thermogenic effect. Here is a list of thermogenic foods that you might want to include in your meal plan.

Cayenne, Jalapeno, Habanero, Chilli peppers, Garlic, Onion

Upon mentioning the words “food that can help increase the body’s temperature”, many people may think of herbs and spices. That’s why we made it number one on our list. Spices such as these can jump start your metabolism and cause you to burn fat faster.

Green Tea

Green tea has several useful properties that is beneficial in metabolism and fights fat. A new study has shown that catechins (epigallo-catechin gallate or EGCG) that are found in green tea has an effect on cholesterol levels and body fat accumulation. By drinking at least 4 cups a day, green tea will significantly help burn calories, lower bad cholesterol, and reduce body fat.

Lean protein

Chicken meat, red meat (e.g. beef), turkey, fish, and eggs contains proteins that has a high thermogenic effect. Proteins are also hard to digest which makes the body boost its metabolism in order to break it down. Aside from that, proteins facilitate muscle building and cellular repair. These foods can also increase satiety. But be careful not to include the skin in chicken breasts because of its high fat content.


Beans and legumes are considered to be good fat burners as they are both high in protein and fiber.

Skimmed Milk

Those who plan to lose weight must be aware that skimmed milk is a better option than whole and low-fat milk available in the market as they burn fat a lot faster, and because they also have the lowest fat content among other milks.

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