Dieting Traps you Must Avoid Falling in

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A lot of people, especially teenage girls and women, in an effort to lose weight adopt unhealthy diet fads. This does more harm than good. Excessive and unhealthy dieting can lead to conditions like anorexia and malnutrition. Often people do not follow their diets because of lack of results. One slip and they give way to start overeating. There are also people who tend to slack off once they notice that have shed a few pounds. Whenever you plan to start a new dietary regime, there a few things you should keep in mind.

Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a mistake many people make, mostly due to lack of time in the mornings. Bodily functions require glucose. Since there is a long gap between the previous night’s meals and breakfast, the body refills the glucose requirement from your breakfast. If you skip breakfast, thinking that you will lower your calorie consumption and hence lose weight, you are highly mistaken. The body will be glucose deficient and this will make you lethargic throughout the day. You will also experience hunger pangs throughout the day and tend to overeat during lunch and dinner. Thus in the long run, you will gain weight. The best option is to have a heavy breakfast in the morning and follow it with 3 smaller, healthier meals

Large Irregular Meals

Eating large meals with prolonged gaps between them forces your body to work hard on digesting and assimilating the food. You should ideally consume six small meals at smaller intervals. This not only increases your metabolism but also helps digest food easily.

Unhealthy snaking

Munching on excess of low-fat processed food is wrong and leads to weight gain. Low fat food is generally high on sugar and this is harmful. You also need a significant percentage of good fats i.e. unsaturated foods in your regular diet. Sometimes you might eat 3 times the low cal food which ultimately is equivalent to the number of calories you would have consumed if you were eating non dieting foods. Aerated drinks are high on sugar levels and armful. The best alternative is to have fruits and salads with low fat dressing to satisfy hunger pangs.

Butter v/s Margarine

People like to assume that butter has more calories than margarine. The truth is that 100 gm of both, butter and margarine contain roughly 360 calories. The difference however, lies in the quality of fats both possess.  Butter has saturated fatty acids and margarine has unsaturated vegetable fats. Thus it is better to use margarine but do not use it with the purpose of reducing calorie consumption.

Avoiding Carbs

The correct way to do it is to reduce carbohydrate consumption and not eliminate it altogether. Avoid food containing processed flour and instead opt for whole grains. This would keep you feeling full and control the urge to snack often.

Honey v/s sugar

Sugar is also assumed to have more calories than honey. Fact is honey contains more calories than sugar. However, honey has better sweetening properties and hence you tend to use less honey when compared to sugar. Hence, honey is a better option.

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