Five Tips to Find Time to Exercise

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Exercising is a vital part of maintaining healthy bodily functions. It is not only important but also deemed necessary. Exercise has myriad benefits apart from keeping you fit and healthy. Exercise plays an important role in boosting your metabolism rate. An improved metabolism also elevates your immunity levels. It helps in regulation of insulin in the bloodstream. It helps regulate body temperature. It assists in proper functioning of the internal organs like the heart and lungs.

With the current lifestyle scenario, many people are finding it difficult to incorporate any sort of physically demanding activities into their lives. This only makes them sluggish and tired. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, obesity cases are also on the rise. It is therefore important to have some sort of physical activity in your everyday life. This may not be as bad a task as you think it may be. Most exercise regimes do not stay put is because exercise does not show immediate results. You need to remain motivated and not keep putting it off to another time. You can follow a few steps to find out some time from your hectic schedules to devote to exercise:

  1. Choose a workout buddy.  Friends are great when it comes to motivation and they also up the fun quotient. You can sign up for swimming, tennis, aerobics or any outdoor activity. You can go for walks or jogs in a park together. You can also consider signing up your family for similar workouts. This would help in increasing family time as well. Taking your dog out for walks is also an excellent way to exercise.
  2. Exercise while running errands. For example can ditch your car and choose public transport instead. You can also avoid the elevators and opt for the stairs. Incorporate exercise into daily chores like doing the dishes. You could squat while doing laundry and stand on your tiptoes while cooking dinner.
  3. Utilize your television time. Yoga positions, leg lifts, sit-ups, push-ups, or stretching are some exercises you can do while watching your favorite television shows. You can also cut down on TV time, buy a couple of exercise DVDs and enhance your workout.
  4. Opt for shorter and more intense workouts. Even high intensity workouts of just 20 minutes can do wonders for you. Yoga and Pilates have breathing exercise that can be modified to last 10 to 15 minutes. Meditation helps caress the soul and the body. Choose exercises that appeal to you. In the long run this will ensure that you stick to your exercise regime. Running, speed-walking or any type of high intensity cardio exercise for 10 minutes also helps.

Swap lunch time for power exercise. Instead of spending an hour or so at leisure lunch breaks during work, you can easily hit your office gym. Not only will you eat less, but this way you also get to free a lot of time which can be added to your workout time.

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