Top Exercises for Losing Weight

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With the increasingly common unhealthy lifestyle, more and more people are facing the problem of obesity. Therefore, losing weight to maintain a fit body is crucial. Weight once gained is difficult to lose. You might resort to specific diet plans, different exercising regimes or even supplements in order to lose weight. However, the key to losing weight is simple – burn more calories than you consume. This can be achieved by following a good exercising regime that suits your body type and your goals.

Exercise improves your overall fitness levels and acts as a catalyst in losing weight faster than you would lose if you are simply dieting. Physical activity burns calories and thereby induces weight loss. It is not necessary to have a very exhaustive exercise routine, but whatever exercises you take up should be practiced regularly. Only then can exercising lead to effective weight loss.

Most of the exercise plans to lose weight comprise of aerobics. Aerobics targets the stubborn fat accumulated in hips, thighs and stomach.  If you do aerobics regularly for even 30 minutes each day, weight reduction becomes evident in three weeks.

Running, biking and swimming are the three outdoor exercises that involve use of most of the body muscles and are very effective in burning those extra calories too. Running can be done anywhere and anytime and does not even require any special equipment. Just get your running shoes on and you’re good to go. Studies have shown that people who jog regularly for about 20 miles each week show considerable fat loss even if they do not restrict their diet. Biking also burns a lot of calorie depending on how fast you can bicycle. Both bicycling and an exercise bike used at home are efficient in getting your leg muscles at work and are very effective in burning the fat around thighs and abdomen. Swimming is the best exercise to lose weight in summers. Dive into the pool to not only gain relief from the scorching heat, but also to tone your whole body.

Strength training in the gym is another good option to lose weight. However, make sure you consult your gym instructor before resorting to heavy exercises. Strength training helps you work on your muscle mass, which in turn burns calories more efficiently. Perform exercises in short circuits taking breaks in between. And keep on switching between equipments so that all muscles of the body are involved in the workout.

If you are not the one who can take up a serious workout regime and want something more fun filled, then dancing is a good option for you. It targets your entire body and is very efficient in burning calories. Dancing also relieves from stress. You should make sure that you keep on going on for at least an hour and stay active. Exercising at your home by learning from exercise DVDs is also a good idea for those who do not have time for outdoor exercises and gym. These DVDs come for various levels from beginners to some heavy exercising suggestions. Pick up the right one for yourself and get started.

There is no dearth of exercises to lose weight. All that is needed is that you select the right workout regime for yourself and stay motivated.

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