Top Five Diseases caused by Obesity

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Apart from causing awkwardness and making a person uncomfortable in social situations, obesity has also some very serious health implications. Obesity is being considered as an epidemic which is slowly but surely reaching more and more people as we speak. Obesity is mainly related with faulty lifestyle practices. This includes irregular sleep patterns, unhealthy food habits, too much of intoxication, excess consumption of packaged and processed food etc. These are the normal lifestyle components of most urban people and therefore the future looks bleak unless this behavior is changed. Some major diseases associated with obesity are –

Cardiovascular diseases – They are diseases of the heart. Obesity can cause congestive heart failure, enlarged heart and cor purmonale (right sided heart failure). Obese individuals have more than required amount of fat and cholesterol in the body. In the right amounts it helps the functioning of the body. But consumption of trans fats (through packaged or processed food) increases the ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body. This leads to thickening and blocking of arteries as well as thickening of muscles. These causes lead to faulty functioning of the heart or in case of congestive heart failure, it stops working altogether.

Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure and hypertension are also associated with diabetes. The deposition of fat and cholesterol in the arteries and veins reduces the passage of blood through them. Thus, to carry out normal circulatory functions, more pressure has to be applied to get the blood to the various parts of the body. This leads to blood pressure. Smoking, high stress environment, excess alcohol intake can trigger early onset of hypertension.

Infertility – Couples who want to conceive have a hard time if one or both of the partners is obese. The implications are serious if it is the woman who is obese. The reason being that too much weight, and therefore, extra fat and cholesterol can interfere with the reproductive system of the woman. Some research suggests that it makes the ova weak and therefore, fertilization does not occur. Or it may lead to a hostile environment in the fallopian tube hence the zygote fails to attach to the walls.

Back Pain – As the weight of an individual increases, there is a deposition of fat in the belly region. This leads to inward pulling of the spine. This is an unnatural curvature, and therefore it leads to pain. Sometimes, even after the individuals lose weight, it is tough to get the natural shape of the spine back. Core strengthening exercises in time, or prevention of weight gain are the two options that can be availed. Back pain may have other effects like increased tiredness, fatigue etc.

Renal diseases – Urinary inconsistency is a major complaint of obese individuals. It can range from mild wetting to uncontrollable flow. Renal failure is the inability of the kidneys to function properly. Thus it cannot excrete wastes, concentrate urine or preserve electrolytes efficiently.  Hypogonadism is another renal disease. The sexual glands produces little or no hormones and this leads to impairment of sexual functioning of the body.

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