Top Five Signs of Emotional Eating

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We all indulge in food from time to time. Moreover we all tend to eat depending on our emotions. Who does not celebrate good and happy times without sweets? It is also normal for anybody to cry and share sorrows over a cup of coffee or tea. However, when this becomes a frequent and compulsive habit – eating abnormal quantities of food for every emotional up and down – then it is time to get your health and life under control. Emotional eating is a clinical disorder that can harm your health just like any other disease and requires professional help in a majority of cases.

Emotional eating occurs when you eat food in response to your emotions rather than to hunger. It is quite natural for people to dismiss excessive eating as a result of excessive work and tiredness. Most people also do not consider emotional eating as a disorder that needs to be corrected. The following are the top five signs of emotional eating. If you find one or more of these signs in your behavior then it is time to get professional help.

1)      Food to relieve stress – When you reach a point where any kind of stress or tension can be cured only through food, it is a clear indicator of emotional eating. Some people also resort to eating whenever they feel out of control. In such cases food makes you feel better. However, most people feel out of control of themselves because of emotional eating. Ironically, in some cases, people feel that they are in control of themselves when they eat in response to their emotions, after a fashion.

2)      Some emotional eaters are not really conscious of themselves while eating. They eat their food mechanically, instead of enjoying its taste and flavor. It is almost as if they are on auto-pilot, simply performing something that they are not completely aware of.

3)      Emotional eaters are never satiated, no matter what quantity of food they binge on. Such people keep on eating even when they are not hungry. They cannot stop even if they want to.

4)      Emotional eaters can keep on eating till they make themselves sick. In some situations they require medical help and need to be hospitalized to become healthy again. This is one of the strongest signals of emotional eating that requires immediate medical attention.

5)      It is also common for emotional eaters to binge on a specific food item. They consume large quantities of this particular food and in almost all cases, they cannot make do without this specific food item. No other food item will do for such people. It is just like addiction and such emotional eaters associate all their emotions to this particular food.

It is very important to take care of emotional eating as soon as possible. In almost all cases of obesity, emotional eating is the main culprit. It is very common for people with low self confidence and self esteem to fall into the pattern of emotional eating. Once it becomes a habit, it will take a lot of will power and determination to extricate yourself from it.

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