Clinical Update: Calcium May Not Help in Weight Loss

It is undeniable that most of us are not contented with the way we look. We strive to achieve a certain body shape, but however we do it; we simply could not keep contented. For this reason, a number of companies and experts have been trying to gain solutions to our miseries. In fact, there a lot of options out there. And we covet ourselves to promising new ways of rapid weight loss without putting any effort—weight loss medications and dietary supplements.

Of the many dietary supplements that aid in weight loss, calcium is the newest sensation in the market. Previous studies have shown that increasing calcium intake supports weight loss.

Although the mechanism of action is still confounding, it has been said that low levels of calcium in the blood triggers the brain to stimulate an increase in appetite and food intake to compensate while high levels of calcium slow down the production and absorption of fat. In another study, evidence supports that calcium binds with fat in the intestine thereby increasing its excretion from the body. Compared to people taking a diet low in calcium, there is a marked increase in the amount of fat present in the stools for those who take a high calcium diet.

However, on the contrary, recent data published in the Annals of Internal Medicine indicate otherwise. Participants, who were subject to 2 years of calcium supplementation in the form of capsules, did not show any statistically significant change in the body weight. The study concluded that while there are valid reasons for recommending calcium supplementation such as bone fracture prevention, dietary calcium will not aid in weight or body fat loss in the obese population.

Differing views are expressed by two differing studies. Whichever one is more realistic—it is up to the readers and consumers to find out. However, taking medications is not the only way to shed those extra pounds. Weight loss is a lifetime management issue and it takes a lot of sacrifice before achieving the “right trim” for oneself. Despite the many alternatives to slimming down, there is still no sustainable means of losing weight than working out in conjunction to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

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