Ginseng – The Weight Loss Supplement

Do you always wish you had a slim and fit body? It is very much possible! There are many alternate ways to lose the extra kilos with ease. You do not have to slog in a gym or break your neck with rigorous work out sessions. All you need to do is use medication and supplements. They work in many different manners. It could be in the form of appetite suppression, increase in metabolism, muscle building and fat reduction and blocking fat absorption into the body. Easily available online, and in departmental stores, health food shops, etc. these medication and supplements could be in herbal or chemical form. One such herbal supplement is Ginseng.

Advantages of using Ginseng

Out of the many available medication and supplements, it is always advisable to use herbal products as these are natural. As a result it will not be prone to many adverse side effects. Research study shows that Ginseng – a Chinese herb aids in weight loss. In the year 2008, a study result on Ginseng’s weight loss capabilities was published in the Phytotherapy Research Journal. Ginsenoside or Rg3 is a component of red ginseng. This study had confirmed that Rg3 helps in weight loss by not allowing the complete absorption and storage of fat in cells. There are other varieties of ginseng that administer fat loss.

Dang shen is a variety that is found in many medication and supplements that are sold off the shelf. It has been observed that Dang shen helps in improving digestion. It also increases metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss. The conversion of fat cells into core muscle is another property of this herbal supplement that assures a toned figure.  Ginseng is known to reduce the level of glucose in your body. This decreases insulin production. As insulin hormone is the signal to your body to start storing fat, reduction in this has the opposite effect. Hence, Ginseng has many advantages towards weight loss.


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