What You Should Know About Fat Loss 4 idiots

Because of the sky-rocketing volumes of weight loss programs proliferating in the market today, it is highly possible that some of them might be scams. Many have joined the weight loss bandwagon and participants are rapidly increasing. But as time passes, more and more consumers are becoming wise in their choices, especially when it comes to one’s health and fitness. They are beginning to recognize that fad diets are just so overrated.

One way to beat ignorance is to review. Hence, in this section, we will look into the foundations of one of the most popular fat loss diets to date, and find out the truth behind Fat Loss 4 idiots.


As the name implies, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a new in-depth online fat loss dieting program with a concept is exceedingly easy to comprehend and a meal plan that is not difficult to adhere, even for long durations.

Unlike most rapid weight loss diets that advocate low-calorie, low-carb, and low-fat meal plans, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is an all-new plan that is based on the premise of “calorie shifting”. This weight loss program believes that you don’t have to starve in order to shed pounds. Instead, your food plan should be “restructured”–rendering different amounts of calories each day or in a certain pattern so that the body will get confused on how to handle the calories. At this state, the body is tricked and will end up burning excess calories and fat tissue.

The program includes a meal generator where dieters can choose their favorite foods and eat four times a day until you feel full without having to worry about the serving. Why? Because eating this often for a minimum of 11 days will cause an increase in the quantity of fat-burning hormones and help you reduce weight.


Fat Loss 4 Idiots is quite popular these days because its principle is a lot different than other eating plans. The program is also very promising, which says a dieter may lose up to 9 pounds in just 11 days. But the truth is, the capacity to lose weight may vary from person to person. In the case of FL4I, some were really able to shed 9 pounds during the 11-day program, while the others lost lesser.

On the plus side, FL4I is a healthier alternative to other diets. It establishes a healthy eating habit by allowing a person to consume certain foods and not depriving the body of carbs which is our primary source of energy. On top of that, the meal generator also suggests healthier options like fresh fruits and vegetables for a person’s meal plan.

We all know that exercise is crucial to burn calories and speed up weight loss. However, Fat Loss 4 Idiots understands that the dieter may live a sedentary lifestyle. Thus it only recommends at least half an hour of brisk walking at least twice or thrice in a week. If you think about it, its method for losing weight is totally effortless but useful. FL4I will really help you achieve a rapid weight loss in a span of 11 days. But the ability to maintain the desired weight mainly relies on how a person controls his eating habits.

Beating the Bulge: Low Carb vs. Low Fat

When it comes to weight loss, you may have noticed that certain fat loss programs include meal plans that are low in carbohydrates such as the Atkins Diet; or the classic low fat diet supported by many nutritionists and diet experts. Both camps have claims of nutritional benefits and efficiency in terms of fat loss. In this light, we have created a section in delineating the benefits of each type of nutrition plan, as well as judging the better option for a dieter.

Low-Fat Diets

Since time immemorial, low fat diets have always been insanely high in popularity primarily because of its contribution towards cardiovascular health while at the same time causing a person to lose weight. Countless health professionals, trainers, diet experts, and even the American Heart Association advocate a low fat diet due to its role in lowering the levels of bad LDL cholesterol which is associated with an increased risk for obesity and heart diseases. Moreover, compared to other protein and carbohydrates, fats contain a higher amount of calories with about 9 calories per gram. Logically speaking, a low-fat diet therefore, is greatly beneficial for one’s health and nutrition.

Low-Carb Diets

On the other hand, low-carb dieting also presents a number of potential benefits. A low-carbohydrate diet is based on the principle that a meal low in carbohydrates causes insulin levels to decline. When a person eats carbohydrates, the digested product is glucose which is essential for energy consumption by the cells. If a person decreases carbohydrate intake, glucose levels also falls forcing the body to utilize other energy sources such as fat and protein from the muscles.

The Verdict

To bring light between the rivalries of these two diets, let us discuss the findings from a major study published in the August 3, 2010 edition of the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine. The study involved 307 participants who were divided to consume low-fat and low-carb meals combined with exercise and behavioural treatment.

In a period of two years, the results of the participants in both diets were similar. During the first year, the average weight loss was 11% of their weight, while on the second year was 7%. However, those on the low-carb diet had greatly reduced their blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels compared to those who did the low-fat diet. Furthermore, low-carb dieters have also markedly improved their good HDL cholesterol levels. Therefore, as a conclusion, both diet plans have are a tie when it comes to weight loss over a long-term period. But the low-carb diet has garnered favourable outcomes in terms of decreasing the risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

In the end, weight loss is not a matter of a low-carb or low-fat diet. Because the ultimate challenge for a dieter is to how sustain a diet and favourable lifestyle for a long time.

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