Health Hazards Due to Rapid Fat Loss Dreams

Lose fat – or Lose Health

In the constant desire to achieve a lean body, many individuals choose to go to the extreme end of the road. Quick fat loss methods are being propagated with the use of medication and supplements. But are you really aware how safe are these? It is time that you stop and think about your body before taking such medication and supplements. There are many misleading advertisements of “safe” and “clinically proven” doing the rounds of the weight loss circuit. But this could cause grave side effects when taken indiscriminately. Two of such medication and supplements that may pose severe health risks are Advantra Z and Xenadrin EFX!

Studies and side effects

There was a study conducted by the University of California San Francisco, using these medication and supplements. Single doses of both Advantra Z and Xenadrin EFX were administered on ten healthy adults. It was found that the doses resulted in an increase in the heart rate by approximately 18 to 19 percent or 12-15 beats per minute. It is also noticed that the intake of Xenadrin EFX increases blood pressure by 8-12%. This is very similar to the side effects that were noticed while using the banned ephedra medication and supplements.

In 2004, FDA had banned ephedra due to its adverse side effects. However UCSF studies reveal that the ephedra-free medications and supplements that are being sold are nothing better. These supplements are equally hazardous to health! It could lead to grave problems. People having health concerns like heart ailments or hypertension, should completely avoid these 2 supplements! It might result in worsening their condition.

Therefore, it is very important that you research well and consult a professional before you decide to take any medication and supplements to lose weight. It is best to use natural methods like eating healthy and a continuous work out regime to stay safe and yet achieve your desired body!