Finding Your Weight Loss Stride

We’d all like to think that, if the time comes to lose weight, we’ll just eat a little less and move a little more, and the extra pounds will melt away. As those of us who fight this fight know, though, it just doesn’t work that way. Most of us will start and stop a number of times on this journey, and we’ll stumble and fall a lot more than we’d like to admit. How do you “find your stride” when you’re trying to lose the weight?

The key seems to be in making the commitment, not to a specific eating plan as such, but to yourself. If you give this journey the weight (no pun intended) in your life that it deserves, then you’ll be so much more likely to walk the walk with determination, not trepidation.

You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to feel good about yourself, and to feel at home in your own body. Allow yourself to be selfish this once; put yourself and your weight loss first. You need to be doing this for you.

Think about all the things in your life that you make time for, that you give importance to. Treat this like one of those. Take your pen and your planner and schedule time for exercise. That’s right, use pen. No excuses. Tell your significant other that yes, you do love chocolate, but please pamper you in another way, because you want to be healthier. Be up front about what you’re doing and why; you’ll be surprised at how much support you’ll gain, and how much that support will mean to you.

Like anything else in life that you want to succeed at, set yourself some goals. Don’t make them nebulous (“I want to be healthy”) or unreachable (“I want to lose 40 pounds in 3 weeks.”). Make a few smaller goals instead of one big one; that way, you’ll have a series of milestones to count off – and look back on as you move past them!

Finally, don’t be afraid to stumble! You’re only human, after all, and you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to eat off your plan, forget to exercise, or indulge in some comfort foods. Give yourself permission to make that little bobble once in a while, and you’ll find that allowing a little stumble now and again will head off a huge fall a little later. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect all the time, and you’ll discover that it’s easier to be strong than you thought.