Vitamin Supplements During Weight Loss

A lot of time has been given to discussing different weight loss supplements and medications, and rightly so; however, some thought should be given to a different kind of supplementation while you’re on a weight loss regimen. If you’ve changed your eating habits to lose weight, you might want to consider vitamin and mineral supplements.

It’s easy to become deficient in some vitamins and minerals when you begin or stay on a weight-loss regimen. When you begin to cut your food intake, or start a new type of eating all together, like becoming a vegetarian, you run the risk of cutting some of your sources of important nutrients. You might have narrowed the variety of foods that you’re eating, or cut some foods, such as dairy or meat, out of your diet all together. Let’s take a look at some of the most common nutrients to become deficient in the average weight-loss plan.

One of the supplements that most folks on a weight loss plan need, and one that women in particular should be taking, is calcium. The recommended daily allowance for calcium for an adult woman is 1000 mg a day, and this can be difficult (though not impossible) to take in if you’ve forsaken diary foods. Linked to calcium is vitamin D, which is required for proper bodily usage of the calcium. Our bodies don’t produce it on their own; usually, it’s a by product of sun exposure, but recently the RDA has been raised, so a supplement would be a good idea.

Vitamin B12 can also easily become deficient in a diet that is low in, or completely free of, meat. Herbivorous animals such as cattle gain their B12 from the bacteria in their rumen. Carnivores get it from eating the herbivores; since we don’t either have a rumen or eat cecotrope feces, we either have to follow a carnivore’s example or take supplements. This vitamin is necessary for proper functioning of the DNA as well as fat synthesis, so getting too low in it can actually hinder a healthy weight loss plan.

Even if you try to keep to a well-balanced eating plan, it can be difficult to get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals while dieting. A sensible supplementation plan can help keep your body working at peak performance while burning off those extra pounds.