3 Of The Fastest Natural Weight Loss Techniques

We are evolving everyday. There are new inventions and discoveries happening all around the world. This is how we seek solutions to a large number of problems. One thing that is constantly a point of concern for many individuals is their health. Although it is harmful to be anorexic, yet, it is important that we stay fit. There are many techniques coming up to help us with this process of weight loss. Hard work and slogging in gyms are passé. People are looking for faster ways to lose weight. This is how natural weight loss techniques like herbal therapies are gaining popularity.

Herbal techniques are natural and easy to implement. Since these are derived from Mother Nature, there are no harmful side effects to these treatments. The advancements that have taken place in the herbal medication stream are highly commendable. Thus, these techniques prove to be some of the fastest ways to natural weight loss. Some of these interesting and quick ways to lose weight are as follows:

Herbal Tea – We come across many such advertisements in our daily life. Taking herbal tea is one of the most convenient natural weight loss methods. All you need for this is a packet of herbal tea. You can buy this in your nearest medical store or even purchase it online. Herbal tea is easy to make. Therefore you can drink it at your home or even at your office. Substitute your regular cappuccino with a cup of herbal tea and observe the difference that makes to your waist line.

Herbal Injections – This technique is faster as compared to drinking herbal tea. When the herbal solution is injected directly into the blood stream, it starts acting immediately. It utilizes the herbal properties to counteract the fat content in your fluids to ensure that fatty acids are not accumulated in the body. Thus, it is very fast with quick effective results. You need to take such injections only under the administration of a holistic doctor. Never try to buy it off the shelf at some drug store and do it yourself.

Herbal Patch – This is yet another herbal technique for natural weight loss. The action that it performs is very similar to the herbal injection. The herbal patch is put on the skin. Through the skin the herbal solution is transferred into your blood stream. This process is very fast. Hence, it has become a favorite way to lose unwanted weight.

Diet Miami-Style – Go South Beach

In the 1980s, the American Heart Association was recommending that people adopt a low fat diet to improve their health and decrease their risks of heart disease. The problem was – it wasn’t working, and Dr. Arthur Agatson, a Florida cardiologist, was seeing its failures in his office everyday. He knew something had to change, and the result of his brainstorming and research became known as The South Beach Diet.

Agatson’s South Beach Diet turned “conventional” wisdom about dieting on its ear. No longer were fats and carbohydrates the enemy, and no longer was protein the golden child that could do no wrong. With his first “guinea pig” – himself! – he found out that this way of eating was not only amazingly effective at losing weight, it did an outstanding job of lowering other risk factors of heart disease – and it didn’t make him feel deprived at all.

The new science of the glycemic index, developed in the 1980s, was key in the development of the South Beach Diet. The foods that flooded the body with glucose quickly (high glycemic index) were restricted, and the foods that allowed a more slow and steady glucose release (low glycemic index) were promoted. Trans-fats and saturated fats were frowned upon, but unsaturated fats, and fats that contained omega-3 fatty acids (like nuts and fish) were encouraged. These “good fats”, in moderation, helped patients not only feel more satisfied, but they promoted HDL cholesterol – that’s the good cholesterol.

When you’re on the South Beach Diet, you start off on the most restrictive phase, phase 1, where you’ve gotten rid of sugars, fruits, processed carbohydrates, and some high-glycemic index vegetables. You’re only on this phase for 2 weeks, however, to stabilize your blood sugars. After that, you stay on the more liberal phase 2 until you reach your target weight. You don’t measure your food intake – you eat allowed foods until you’re satisfied. You learn to use the right carbohydrates and the right fats, and you don’t have to overdose on meat. Vegetarians can be quite happy on this plan.

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off, using a diet plan that you can actually follow without a degree in nutrition or the willpower of a saint, you owe it to yourself to check out the South Beach Diet.

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