Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

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Belly fat, also known as visceral fat is often considered to be the most stubborn fat in our bodies. The more scientific term for belly fat would be abdominal obesity, also clinically known as central obesity. It is caused due to deposition of fat near the abdomen area. Belly fat has often been correlated with the onset of heart diseases. Often people strive a lot towards burning off bell fat but see no results. Belly fat can only be burned by the correct type of exercises and taking good care of your diet.

Exercises that Burn Belly Fat

Enlisted here, you will find a number of exercises that will help burn off the stubborn belly fat and achieve a figure you always decided. You must remember that everyone’s body has certain limits. Do not start off with all exercises on a single day. Start with lesser number of sets and repetitions. When you fell that your body is up for a challenge you can start increasing the intensity. The key here is to be patient with your body and not over exert yourself. Results will take time. Rest assured, you will be very happy to see the results.

Most of these exercises are not time consuming and do not require fancy equipment. However, sticking to one exercise won’t suffice. You got to try out various permutations and combinations before you figure out what works best for you. You can perform these exercises indoors or outdoors. But exercising in the fresh air outside would be ideal. You also need to remember to focus on your breath while performing these exercises for optimum results. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. These exercises will exert pressure on the belly and may cause slight discomfort. That is when you know that you are doing it right. Repeated contraction and expansion of the abdominal region due to these exercises will eventually burn off the fat.

Abdominal Crunches
Abdominal crunches are said to be the best exercise to aid you in burning belly fat. Start by lying down on the floor. Preferably use exercise mats as the bare floor is likely to leave you with a sore back. Place your feet firmly on the ground and bend your knees. Your hands must be held by the side of the ears, without interlocking them. Inhale deeply and start off. Resist gravity and crunch up your head and chest. Try to touch your knees with the forehead. Exhale while you release the position and go back to the floor. However this must be slower than the crunch. 5 to 10 repetitions can be made in sets of 3, with ideal breaks in between.

Sit ups
Sit ups are similar to abdominal crunches. But in the case of sits you try to raise yourself fully. Thus it is more effective compared to abdominal crunches.

Side crunches
Side crunches are less intense compared to ab crunches. Lie down on the floor, on one side and spread your legs wide. The hands are kept behind the head, which supports its weight. The knees are bended at right angles and rolled on one side. Lift up your body up at the same time. The chin and the exposed hip must lie in the same line. When one side is done, turn over to the next side. While performing side crunches you must note that no pressure must be exerted on the neck. The crunches are solely meant for the belly.

Chin up crunches
Chin up crunches has a higher difficulty level. It revolves pulling up your body weight against the force of gravity. If performed correctly it does wonders to burn belly fat. You need to grip the horizontal bar with both hands, palms curved towards you. Ideally, gloves must be used. Pull yourself upwards till the chest line coincides with the bar. Hold the position for as long as you can. Then release. Repeat this exercise with 6 to 8 repetitions in sets of 3. The best part about this exercise is that along with belly fat it helps tone up the biceps, lats and shoulder blades. Since you are focusing on the belly, try to lower the stress applied on your biceps.

Leg Lift Exercise
Start by lying flat on the ground, on your back Place your hands sideways with palms facing the ceiling. This ensures that your shoulder stays in position. Lift your body up so that the tailbone goes up till the maximum level attainable. While releasing the move you can come up to half the distance or even go down fully. To increase the intensity level of this exercise, perform it with one leg bend and the other one performing the moves. Do not rely on momentum to aid the movement as it will not burn any calories.

Dumb Bell Side Bends
Side bends are ideal to get rid of your love handles. Stand keeping your feet as wide as your shoulder width. Hold the dumbbell in one hand. The other hand can be left loose, held at the back of the head or clasped at the hip. Bend to the side of the relaxed hand and stretch as far as possible. Hold the position for some time and go back to the initial position. Repeat on the other side. The feet must be firmly held to the ground.

Abdominal tuck using Ball
This exercise is performed using the stability ball. The size of the stability ball is determined by your height. It targets the lower torso. Start off by lying flat on the ground, on your back. Hold the ball in your hands. Stretch the feet and arms in opposite directions such that the ball in your hand barely touches the shin area. The chin must not touch your body i.e. keep your face erect. It can be repeated 5 to 10 times in sets of 3.

Banana for Weight Loss

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In many tropical countries, banana is not uncommon. They are one of the most significant crops because of the plant’s many uses. But did you know that aside from a good source of vitamins and minerals, bananas can also be a great food for weight loss?

The Morning Banana Diet

The morning banana diet was developed not so long ago by Hitoshi Watanabe of Osaka, Japan and popularized by means of the internet and several forms of media. Since then, the morning banana diet became a popular craze in Japan.

Unlike most meals plans, the morning banana diet is not as extreme and rigid. The rules of the diet are simple. You should always eat raw banana for breakfast. You are most allowed to eat as much as you like but not to the point of fullness. The only fluid allowed is plain water at room-temperature. There are no food limits for lunch and dinner except for dairy products, ice cream, and dessert. Sweets may be allowed but only until 3 pm, just to prevent a feeling of deprivation while on the diet. But strictly there should be no food intake after 8pm.

How It Works

There are several reasons behind how bananas will be able to help you gradually lose weight. While many believe that bananas can cause weight gain, nutritionists believe that bananas do otherwise.  In comparison with other fruits, bananas provide more energy. Admittedly, bananas may be high in calories that supply an individual a lot of energy. But bananas also contain resistant starch that block the conversion of some carbs into fuel, which makes our body use our stored fat instead.

Apart from this, bananas are also a good source of dietary fiber which will give you a sense of being full. Needless to say, if eaten prior to mealtime, you will almost certainly consume a lot lesser than you always do.


While on a banana diet, a person is required to eat bananas before meals, particularly in the morning. This is the plus side of this diet–it stresses on the incorporation of fruits during meals which are an essential part of a balanced diet. Another thing is not eating past 8pm. This is a good rule to be followed by those who have bad eating habits such as eating a lot of snacks after dinner. But in reality, there is actually nothing wrong with eating past 8pm because what counts are the calories that you have consumed regardless of the time, and the calories you’ve burned with your activities.

The element of exercise as part of the weight loss intentions of the banana diet was somehow neglected. You may or may not exercise if you wish to, but not to the point of stressing oneself. However, many experts believe that exercise should always be integrated with each weight loss program. This is the important component that the morning banana diet has missed.

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