Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do At Home

At any given time, one third of the American population is trying to lose weight using various programs and dieting. For these people, they know there is definitely a truth behind the need of having to exercise harder in order to lose weight. But working out doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym, because you can exercise right inside the comfort of your own home with these exercise routines that are guaranteed to target areas and tone your muscles.

Household Exercise Equipment

If you are on a tight budget, converting your home into your own gym might really help. But despite of the inadequacy of the sophisticated gym equipment, your house may also have its own range of tools to help you exercise.


Weights are the most commonly encountered exercise equipment especially for those who are aiming to tone their muscles by means strength training. However, they are not cheap. As the weight sets go heavier, so does the price. So, we sometimes feel the need to improvise. In the case of hand weights, water bottles are the closet counterpart. Because of its shape, it allows for an excellent grip. And the great thing about it is its hollow container. It’s very versatile–you can fill it with about anything. Water would be the most typical content, but sand may also be a good alternative. It is much denser and heavier. In addition, the weight of the water bottle is determined depending on the amount of material YOU are going to stuff. Although we suggest that you fill it to the brim with the lids tightly closed. Why? Because it is important that the contents should be evenly distributed to prevent injury to your wrists.

Exercise mat

Exercise mats are also necessary for one’s workout. They improve traction and protect the user as well as the gym equipment from injury. So even when at home, it is still essential to use exercise mats. Usually, exercise mats are made of rubber or vinyl. But you may also use a rug or a firm mattress as an alternative to exercise mats.

Chairs and Stairs

A sturdy chair and stair steps are great items for abdominal and leg exercises. But they can also be used with push-ups and a host of other routines too.

Weight Loss Exercise

There’s nothing else that can beat regular exercise as a weight loss tool. So here, we gathered a few simple routines which you can practice while at home. But before anything else, let us remind you that prior to engaging in these activities, check first with your physician whether it is appropriate with your current health condition.


Whether it’s on a chair or a stair, step-ups are by far one of the easiest, yet most effective routine in targeting the quads and buttocks. Your feet should be both flat on the floor for the starting position. Then, raise your right foot and place it on the chair (or stair). Do the same with the remaining foot to lift your body up, and then back to the starting position. Repeat the same procedure starting with the left leg.

Lateral Raise

While holding down your dumbbells (or your improvised ones), slight bend your elbows, and lift both arms to your sides to your shoulder level. You can also modify this by lifting it all the way up just like flapping your arms. However, it is essential to avoid swaying the body during this motion.

Bodyweight Squats

The bodyweight squat is a variant of the squat. This type of strength training utilizes several large muscles of the lower body including the muscles of the buttocks, hips, and thighs, which is effective for building the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

Body weight squats require no special equipment; however, this should be done in higher repetitions. This procedure is done by standing upright while placing your hands behind the head. Slowly bend the knees to a sitting position while maintaining a straightened back. Then gradually push your body upwards back to the starting position.


One of the most effective exercises to tone the abs without having to move much is the plank. To begin, assume a prone position (face down) with the elbows under your shoulders. Slowly raise the body up off the floor with the weight resting on the elbows and toes. One should maintain a straight line from the head to the knees. The abdomen and buttocks should be kept contracted to avoid the body from sagging down the floor. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds or more.

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