Using Green Tea to Help With Weight Loss

These days, many individuals are overweight. Being overweight or obese is very difficult to surpass. Not only does it threaten your health, it also produces low self-esteem, especially for teenagers. The hustle in choosing clothes and discrimination from others are likely the most common problems that they normally face.

Trying to lose weight is vital, not only will it give you a nice body; it also offers the promise of a healthier one. Having a fit and shaped up body develops self-esteem, it makes you look good and makes you feel good. However, a fit and healthy body does not happen in just one snap, it must be earned and worked out.

In China, it is very common to drink tea. The Chinese are known as tea lovers that most of the time you can see a teapot and a cup in their table. Teas are served as a sign of respect, family gathering, a way to offer an apology, to pass on a tradition, and to connect families in a wedding. Now teas, like green tea, are not only served as a drink but also a remedy for losing weight.

Green tea is known for the health benefits that it gives. Regular green tea drinkers are likely to have a lower chance of heart disease and are also prevented from certain cancers. It can also promote weight loss since it has caffeine and polyphenols used to control obesity. Although there are no scientific claims, many people believed that this tea is indeed good for the health.

Studies say that green tea extracts can increase the metabolism rate and fat oxidation in one’s body. Scientifically, they believe that this tea has weight loss benefits found in its caffeine content. Aside from that, they also believe that certain substances found in green teas promote weight loss.

Findings say that the compound found in green tea, which is flavonoids, helps burn calories when interacted with other green tea extracts. The compound catechin polyphenols also contributes in the process of weight loss in green tea; this compound works by burning fat and themogenesis.

Unlike any herbal products and pills, green tea extracts promotes weight loss, but does not have harmful side effects. Upon use, it does not increase the heart rate nor increase the blood pressure. It is considered to be one of the effective and safest alternatives for weight loss pills and herbs without any risk on the users health.

Green tea is a common beverage in Asia and also getting popular in the West. It is proven that it can give health benefits; it can reduce the risk of cancer, ulcer, and heart disease. Regular intake or drinking of green tea extracts burn excess fat and calories, it also increase fat burning up to 40 percent.

This is a very safe option for those who want to lose weight. Not only it offers you weight loss, it is definitely good for your body. Tea is also known as an antioxidant; it prevents and repairs the damage done by free radicals that were formed in our body. It cleanses our body from substances that can give disease like heart disease and diabetes.

Results show that green tea is a good remedy for obesity. A cup of green tea rejuvenates energy without having the side effects of caffeine. Moreover, most people who drink tea are found to lose weight 3 to 4 times rather than the ones who does not drink it.

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