Water for Weight Loss

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Have you been looking around for the miracle fountain that will help you solve your weight dilemmas? Did you know that it’s been there all along in your house? The fountain I am talking about here is flowing right from your faucet. If you’re wondering if water can actually help you lose some pounds, yes it can.

It’s common knowledge that water is one of the most vital substances for our survival. But how does water help people who wanted to lose weight?

Appetite Suppressant

There is nothing more cheaper, readily available, and effective appetite suppressant than water. You may have noticed that by drinking liberal amount of water before meals will cause you to feel full easily without finishing your plate. That’s because the brain cannot differentiate thirst from hunger. When the brain sends signals that you are hungry, by drinking water, you will be able to relieve these signals without the additional calories. Just like food, water fills and stretches the stomach lining which is why the brain will think that you are already full.

Flushes out Impurities

No product can ever beat water in terms of cleansing the body from toxins, impurities, and retained fluid. Those who are chronically dehydrated will tend to keep more water in certain places. As one drinks more water, the body will try to get rid of those that it doesn’t need such as those retained in the ankles and thighs. It will trust that as water keeps coming in, there will be no necessity to store water in such areas. And because of good hydration, the kidneys will also work well in straining impurities and keep flushing them out of the body. Indirectly, water intake will also affect liver functioning. A well-working kidney is likely to reduce the workload on the liver, which is responsible for fat metabolism.

Aids in Metabolism

According to a study published in the 2003 Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, metabolic rates of their 14 participants increased with an average of 30 percent within 10 minutes after drinking water and were sustained for almost an hour later. The reason behind such is due to the effort that our body has to exert to warm up the cold water that goes in our system. Warming up the water will cause the body’s metabolism to increase. Water also improves muscle tone for it to contract more easily.

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