3 Really Effective Fast Weight Loss Methods

People rely on many techniques and methods in order to lose weight fast, not knowing that they are missing three really effective ways to do so. Try these methods out if you want to lose significant amount of weight in less than 2 weeks!

1. Eat. You may wonder how eating can make you lose weight fast. However, while most people have a mindset that eating is the main cause of obesity, it is actually a misconception. Pray, tell me, would eating lots of fruits and vegetables 10 times throughout the day make you overweight? The answer is obvious. NO. What causes people to become overweight is not eating per se, but eating the wrong kinds of food at the wrong time and in the wrong manner. If you wish to lose weight fast without having to watch what you’re eating, don’t rely on strict diet programs that require you to starve yourself in order to burn fat. Instead, practice healthy eating. Healthy eating is simply eating your favorite food in the right amount and at the right time of the day. Furthermore, if you can load up more with foods that are known to speed up the body’s metabolism, it will be all the better.

2. Play. Want to get rid of those stubborn belly fat and love handles? Engage in sports. There’s no question that the best way to lose weight is by moving, and by playing your favorite sports, whether it’s basketball, football, or tennis, you are doing away with those unwanted fat unconsciously. Not only does playing sports help you lose weight fast, but also cuts your risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other chronic diseases by up to 80 percent. So even if you think you’re not athletic enough to play, learn a sport today. You don’t need to be a pro at all. The key is to get yourself moving all the time. If you can do that, you will lose see those belly fat disappear in no time!

3. Love. For us humans, the highest expression of love is sex, and according to scientists, having sex with your spouse regularly is one of the fastest ways to lose 10 pounds in just a few weeks. You will notice that most newly-wed couples lose significant amounts of weight before and after their wedding day. But while all the stress brought about by the wedding preparation can cause a person to lose 20 pounds in just a single month, it is actually all the sexual activity during the first few months of marriage that has the most weight loss effect to a couple. Sex is a good form of exercise, and we all know that during exercise, our body releases feel good chemicals called endorphins, therefore, it helps boost the mood as well, a very important factor in weight loss. During sex, your body burns up to 250 calories per thirty minutes. Imagine doing that three to five times a week, the ideal number of times a person should have sex in order to lose weight fast, says medical experts.

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