Beverages That May Add a Belt Notch

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While liquid beverages can be a perfect way to consume a meal on the go, they can also be a hidden source of excess calories. Most people do not associate liquid meals with high calories because they typically do not provide the same feeling of fullness as a regular meal. However, liquid calories can add up quickly and ruin your diet. There are a few beverages that may add an extra notch to your belt if you consume them on a regular basis.

Blended coffee beverages
Many people consume blended coffee drinks such as a mocha or latte on a daily basis. However, many of these drinks contain whipped cream and even chocolate syrup. A typical mocha contains about 400 calories and over 40 grams of sugar. As a result, it is best to avoid high calorie coffee drinks and switch to black coffee to fulfill your caffeine needs.

Fruit Smoothies
While you may think a fruit smoothie would naturally be low in calories, think again. Smoothies often contain high calorie ice cream that can contribute a few hundred extra calories to your drink. The end result is a smoothie that adds over 400 calories to your daily diet. Before you purchase a smoothie, be sure to look at the nutritional ingredients beforehand. There are many smoothie options that contain a mere 200 calories.

Alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic drinks are one of the most common diet ruining culprits. A night out of drinking can cost you thousands in excess calories. In fact, a single cocktail drink may contain as much as 750 calories depending on the drink size. As a result, you should avoid mixed alcoholic drinks if you want to lose weight. As an alternative, try having a single glass of wine or beer.

Regular soda
Twelve ounces of regular soda contains about 170 calories and over 40 grams of sugar. These drinks add no nutritional value and consuming multiple servings is too easy. Either switch to diet soda or cut these drinks out of your diet altogether.


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