Beware the Pantry!

August 7, 2012 by  
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Choosing a weight loss plan is easy.  Sticking to it is the hard part.  Once you’ve planned your workouts and meals, you need to keep the foods that hinder your progress off your plate.  While particular foods are certainly the culprit for packing on the pounds, the true pitfall may be your pantry.
The Problem
If you’re like most people, when you look in your pantry, you’ll find a whole host of ingredients, snacks, and goodies that aren’t part of your diet.  Candy, ingredients for baked goods as well as stashes of breads and other starches are lurking behind those boxes of whole grain pasta and sugar free drink mixes.

Even though these food items are tucked out of the way, their accessibility makes it far too tempting to sneak away and just grab a small snack in between your planned healthy meals.  While a trip here and there may not do much damage, regular pantry raids take their toll before you know it.

The Solution
The best way to ensure that your pantry doesn’t get in the way of your weight loss is to toss or give away any food items and ingredients you know you shouldn’t eat.  This way, when you crave a particular junk food, you’ll be less likely to eat it if you have to leave the house to go get it.

If you’re struggling to get past a weight loss plateau or just can’t figure out why the scale is going up instead of down, be sure you’ve gotten rid of the diet monsters hidden in your pantry!

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