Find Your Cheerleaders

August 10, 2012 by  
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Losing weight is a tough experience to go through alone.  It’s even more difficult when your friends and family sabotage your efforts.  They may not do so intentionally, but it happens often.

Did you ever decide to lose a few pounds only to hear friends and family say things like “You don’t need to lose any weight,” or “If you need to lose weight, what does that say about me?!”

They Mean Well
A lot of people mean well with these comments, but they aren’t going to help you reach your goals.  To reach your goals for health and weight loss, you need a support group—people who understand what you‘re going through and are willing to give you positive feedback and encouragement.

Your friends don’t need to be tossed aside, but they may not be your best weight loss allies. The solution to “friendly sabotage” is to add some n­­ew and like-minded people to your circle of friends.  When you do this, losing weight becomes a social experience.

What To Do
There are all sorts of great groups you can tap into.  If you’re in a weight loss program that hosts meetings and weigh-ins, this is a great place to start.  Finding a walking group or other exercise group or class can also be a wonderful place to find your cheerleaders.  When you’re all going for the same goal, you can encourage each other to get there.

Before you know it, everyone who discouraged your weight loss efforts will be paying you compliments for how great you look.  By then, everyone will be a cheerleader!

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